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Dare to Dream

This song was written by Owen Ballantine for the 1999 World Conference in Dublin Ireland. Participants were given the charge to bring this song back to their Associations, and have everyone learn it by 2002.

No matter what our color, creed or country
We share a dream of how it's going to be.
We'll bring it home to teach to those around us.
And do you dare to turn your dream into reality?

first verse:
Dream the dream that is within you.
Share your hopes and thoughts around.
Build a vision of a new world
Where peace and love and friendship will be found.

second verse:
Dare to hope that it can happen
That together we can try
To make a difference to tomorrow.
Let's make it real, let your dreams take flight.

third verse:
Live the dream and take it with you.
It's up to us to make it real
To change tomorrow by our actions.
Let nothing ever shake the dream you feel.

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