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It's Not That Simple!

After eating, we got to see (in short pieces) the play It's Not That Simple. After each scene, we were asked to discuss a question based on what we had seen. We had facilitators to help organize the discussions, but there weren't enough to go around.

Issue: Messages we give, subtle and not-so-subtle.

Assumptions about culture -- someone else will react in a certain (predictable) way based on what I think I know about her culture.

Who are the trainers?

What is the process by which new trainers are selected -- and is it applied uniformly?

Use of jargon excludes

"Being a trainer is a rare honor" -- is this the way we see it?

"Is she a real trainer? (Us vs. them)

Are there cliques within the trainers in your council?

Stereotypes we've heard:

If you get the opportunity to see this play and participate in discussions based upon it -- take it! We're still a little uncomfortable -- it was definitely good for us!