Monkey's Fist

How to Make a Monkey's Fist - Page 1

Monkey's Fist PhotographThe monkey's fist, in this case a glass marble wrapped in cord to make a decorative necklace, was originally a sailor's knot. A light line would be wrapped around a rock a bag of sand, or some odd-shaped weight using the monkey's fist, and then tossed to another ship. A heavier line could be fastened to the light line and pulled across.

This project gives you a monkey's fist on a cord. A Friendship Knot is tied about two inches above the monkey's fist, and the ends are tied together giving a piece of cord long enough to go around the wearer's neck. (The site at the link calls something else a friendship knot, but this is the one that is meant.) Be warned -- SNAKE is left-handed, and she wrote the instructions that way!

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